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Gottman Method

The Gottman Method

The Gottman method is based on 45 years of scientific research into what makes couple relationships strong. Dr. John Gottman has conducted 7 longitudinal studies of over 3000 couples; including newlyweds, mature older relationships, gay/lesbian couples and couple relationships in which there has been some domestic violence. In each of these studies, the results have been able to differentiate with over 90% predictability which couples are likely to succeed and which couples are likely to be in trouble. Out of this research, Dr. John and Julie Gottman have developed effective interventions for couples to apply to in order to have a thriving, robust relationship.   

The Gottman Institute has trained therapists to effectively conduct couples counseling, intensive marathon therapy, specific couple skills training classes and workshops. Dr. Steven Patrick has received extensive training by both Dr. John and Julie Gottman and offers couples counseling, intensive couples therapy and The Art and Science of Love couples workshops. Training opportunities are also provided for the wishing to gain the knowledge and expertise necessary to be a Gottman therapist. For more information regarding the Gottman method, you can visit the Gottman Institute website by clicking below.