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Welcome to the Couples with Heart Blog! 

Hi, I am Dr. Steven Patrick. I am initiating this blog in celebration of the unveiling of the website, My wife, Susan, and I are dedicated to helping couples strengthen and improve their committed relationships. Between the two of us, we provide couples counseling, intensive couples therapy, couples workshops and professional training services. 


2017 Weekend Couples Workshops

Steven Patrick

After a one year hiatus from conducting couples workshops in order to support my wife, Susan during her two hip replacement surgeries, I am pleased to report that I have set up three dates in 2017 to offer The Art and Science of Love couples weekend workshops in beautiful Flagstaff, which is both a destination in itself as well as a gateway to any number of natural wonders like the Grand Canyon, Sedona and Grand Falls.

The Art & Science of Love couples workshop was developed by Drs. John and Julie Gottman out of Seattle, Washington where they offer the workshop for groups of up to 600 couples. Attending the same workshop in Flagstaff will offer you a far more intimate setting with more personalized service. Couples who wish to improve or strengthen their relationship together can benefit from participating since the couples’ workshop is based on John Gottman’s research on 3000 couples for over 4 decades/ 7 longitudinal studies successfully differentiating the masters from the disasters in relationships. For more information, see our workshops page at